The Right Click Timeline


June 18

Sherwin Williams Internship Day 1

Isaac and I meet each other for the first time during our Internship Kick off day at the corporate office.
June 25

Sherwin Williams Internship Kickoff Meeting

Isaac and I are paired up as roommates at the Regional Cascade District Internship Kickoff Weekend hosted in Hillsboro near Top Golf.
August 6

Our First “Entrepreneurship” Meeting

Ray organizes an “enterpreneurment” group chat with some of his friends and eventually convinces them to meet in person to talk about “whatever.” Ray ends up facilitating beginning of conversation with questions around values and asking other questions so that these random group of strangers were able to familiarize themselves with each other. The meeting / conversation lasts three hours. We never end up meeting again (graduation + life) but Isaac and I were eager to talk about future collaboration / taking the same classes at UO afterwards.  
August 29

Winning Sherwin Williams Internship Presentation Day

Isaac, four other interns and I present our Internship project and win 1st place across all other regional district and their interns.
October 9

Consumer Marketing With Troy Campbell

Ray and Isaac take a class with one of UO’s most memorable professors at the time in the Marketing Department, Troy Campbell. Ray’s interest into marketing, digital marketing and beyond originated from his first class with Troy Campbell’s introductory marketing class. His “Define + Apply” model, as well his unconventional and modern terminology to capture real life tangible phenomena routed in behavioral psychology transformed Ray’ perspective. As an apprentice of Dan Ariely, Troy Campbell took his theory around how humans are more “predictably irrational” than they are “perfectly irrational” into consideration which veered away from traditional marketing content. His teaching..Read More
August 14

The Introduction of Discord Communication

Ray and Isaac Transition onto Discord as their main communication medium.
August 22

Three Craigslist Postings Across Eugene, Portland, and Salem

Isaac and Ray create a Craigslist post to leverage their background and previous experience into a digital marketing service offering post. After two hours of brainstorming, Isaac and Ray whip up a three page post describing our background, experience, services offered, and contact info. We end up getting five inquiries, two of which lead to two paid projects for Isaac and Ray!