How We Used Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Increase Etsy Shop Sales & Traffic For Lovelight Herb Farm

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At the beginning of the global pandemic in March 2020, Lovelight Herb Farm enjoyed a temporary boost in traffic to their Etsy shop due to stay-at-home market trends and increased consumer interest in home and garden DIY projects. While this temporary traffic boost generated a spike in profit, it would eventually drop back to pre-pandemic levels.

In Lovelight Herb Farm’s Etsy shop, the algorithm was working against them. While they had started to put some parts of an SEO strategy in place, they weren’t set up to take advantage of this temporary traffic boost and turn it into long term growth. Lovelight Herb Farm knew it needed a reliable plan for organic growth if it wanted to succeed on Etsy long term. In November of 2020, The Right Click was tasked with overcoming the looming loss of traffic and developing a plan for generating sustained traffic to Lovelight’s Etsy shop.


Leveraging the perceived roadblock of losing Lovelight Herb Farm’s temporary boost in traffic as a jumping off point, The Right Click quickly conducted data analyses and compiled keyword, product, and seasonality trend reports to discover and address what the strengths and weaknesses of Lovelight’s Etsy shop were.

From there, The Right Click developed a multi-pronged SEO strategy for generating sustained organic traffic over time through detailed internal shop optimizations, algorithm adjustments, keyword changes, product and store language edits, photo and media revamps, and new products creations. As another core prong of this growth strategy, The Right Click created connections between each of Lovelight’s unique audiences on their digital platforms into one centralized traffic funnel that led to their Etsy shop. Additionally, The Right Click created product bundles based on seasonality and other market trends found in our initial analyses to raise the average order size, break into new niches, and create additional revenue.


After implementing The Right Click’s multi-pronged SEO strategy, Lovelight Herb Farm saw an immediate increase in Etsy shop visits. After two months, direct traffic was beginning to steadily climb. After six months, average monthly visits continued to increase, the client began to see new revenue generated through the Right Click created products, and the average customer order size had grown. After closing out the ecommerce SEO contract with The Right Click, the Lovelight Herb Farm Etsy shop had become more established in their target niche,  they were now enjoying long term sustained growth, and most importantly the Etsy algorithm was now working for them!


  • Create targeted actionable long-term solutions, not generalized theoretical short-term band-aids
  • Analyze data and past operations to identify problems and solutions rather than starting from scratch
  • Start small, test often, implement quickly, prioritize small wins
  • Start with the ideal customer in mind and work backwards from there
  • See if you can save time and money by working with what you have instead of immediately starting something new

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