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Today, in a saturated industry like herb seeds, achieving a top position in the search engine results page (SERP) and having a digital presence is more important than having a great physical location. When Lovelight Herb Farm reached out to The Right Click for help with their digital presence, their website was outdated and had no sales. With virtually no traffic and a broken ecommerce system on their website, the Lovelight Herb Farm Etsy shop was currently the only way for people to purchase their products online. Lovelight wanted to reach new customer audiences and generate organic sales on their website, they just didn’t know where to start.

Before The Right Click began working with Lovelight Herb Farm, Lovelight had treated their website as only a transactional ecommerce experience (like Etsy). After the first conversation, The Right Click knew immediately that Lovelight needed to have an unique brand to tell their story. The Right Click felt that Lovelight’s website was the perfect place to communicate their value, build their online presence, and ultimately rebrand themselves as herb seed industry leaders online.

Even though Lovelight Herb Farm had enjoyed temporary success in their Etsy niche during the spring of 2020 from pandemic DIY trends, with no website SEO strategy in place, they struggled to generate ecommerce sales on their website, convert Etsy traffic to their website, and failed to have any unique brand strategy that differentiated their products in a saturated online herb seed market.

Lovelight Herb Farm’s website products were priced in at $2.30 to $5 a packet and Lovelight’s best selling product was discounted seeds from the previous harvest year, so this meant that Lovelight’s current competitive strategy was totally reliant on having the lowest prices and cheapest product catalog across the (very) competitive online seed market. If The Right Click wanted to differentiate Lovelight’s brand and sell more products online through organic SEO, many things needed to change.  


The Right Click determined that before any SEO work could begin, the Lovelight Herb Farm website needed a redesign if it wanted to convert the traffic increase that SEO will bring to the website. The Right Click worked with Lovelight to update the website’s visual theme, built an array of new landing pages targeted toward their core customers, revamped the layout of the ecommerce shop, and updated the content and copy of each page. Then it was time for the SEO work to begin.

The first step in creating and an organic SEO growth strategy plan was to do a deep dive on Lovelight Herb Farm’s current digital presence, e.g. their website, Etsy shop, social media channels etc. To do this, The Right Click conducted a complete SEO audit to find and address all of the technical aspects of Lovelight’s website that were impacting organic traffic, SERP rankings, and ecommerce conversions.

The Right Click came up with a comprehensive SEO plan to optimize Lovelight Herb Farm’s digital presence, including:  

    • On-page SEO – broad definition of what we did
    • Off-page SEO –  broad definition of what we did
    • Technical SEO – broad definition of what we did

Alongside these proven SEO tactics, The Right Click sat down and took the time to understand Lovelight Herb Farm’s core ethos, mission, vision, and values to determine how The Right Click could use them to guide the creation of a unique brand voice, personality, and vibe. While capturing and creating their unique identity wasn’t easy, The Right Click used feedback and maintained a positive outlook when listening to the needs and desires of Lovelight Herb Farm at each step of the process. The result was a unique brand that both parties were happy with!

Once the website redesign was complete, The Right Click developed target market/core customer personas and mapped the personas to keywords sprinkled across the website.

The Right Click also guided Lovelight Herb Farm to create an array of content that supported their brand, told the story of Lovelight Herb Farm in a compelling, engaging, “on-brand” way, and reinforced the targeted keywords that the Right Click had identified. 

With a clear plan underway, The Right Click continued to meet weekly with Lovelight Herb Farm to review progress and ensure that they were achieving the results they needed. When Lovelight decided to part ways, the SEO work that The Right Click had completed would leave a lasting effect for years to come! 


By implementing the changes recommended by The Right Click, Lovelight Herb Farm went from fewer than 8 visitors a month and $0 in ecommerce sales on their website, to a 3300% increase in monthly sessions and users and $2920 in new ecommerce sales.

Before The Right Click, Lovelight Herb Farm was only ranking for a handful of non-branded keywords. Now, they hold 14 first-page keyword positions, rank for 1800+ non-branded organic keywords, and send a substantial volume of organic traffic back to their website.

The Right Click was able to harness Lovelight Herb Farm’s unique charm and small farm vibe to successfully craft a unique digital presence and tell their story online through a website rebrand and comprehensive SEO strategy.

With The Right Click’s help, Lovelight Herb Farm now has the digital robustness to keep up in their competitive ecommerce niche. They continue to grow their business through organic channels and reach out to more users who connect with their brand every day!


Before The Right Click

After The Right Click


  • Holding organic positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) matters more than having a great physical location
  • SEO requires a balance of patience, analytics, and lots and lots of time
  • Thorough and complete research requires a lot of experimenting, detailed information capturing, and obsessively tracking change over time
  • Everyone has a unique identity and story to tell, sometimes you just have to work a little harder to communicate it through their digital presence
  • No business is too small to work with, no budget is too small to make an impact, and nobody is truly incapable of being helped if you take the time to listen

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